About the HBW


Dear reader,

Thank you for visiting the Health Business Week website, we all have one thing in common: a deeply embedded passion for healthcare. We can proudly inform you that this is the biggest healthcare related business week in the Netherlands.

The healthcare sector is challenging, dynamic and unique and the Netherlands has one of the best healthcare systems worldwide. To stay at the top the demand for young professionals, with the knowledge and skills for further development, is high.

‘What are you going to do when you’re done studying?’ A frequently asked question, yet difficult to answer. That’s why I’ve chosen to organise the Health Business Week, to get to know the future employees.

The Health Business Week is an annual event organized by the Faculty Association Share. It is the best known career event for (future) professionals in the healthcare. Traditionally the week starts with a kick-off event, in which guest speakers from the health care elaborate on a central theme. The rest of the week consists of several activities as; presentations, workshops, speed interviews, business cases and informal activities which brings companies and students closer to each other. Next to that, special activities are aimed at networking, such as dedicated social drinks or a company diner. During these moments, new connections can be made and they may result in matches between companies and students. The events are very diverse and they will offer interesting opportunities for everyone, despite the phase of education you are in.

Many companies, big and small, will come by this week. In a short period you’ll get in touch with consultancy, pharmaceutical, insurers, institutions etc all related to healthcare. Companies today are looking for students who have knowledge about health care. Whereby it is good to know what your possibilities in this workfield are. We connect you, as a student, with many different companies. To help you to create an image in which direction you want to go.

Enthusiastic? I am. Do you want to prepare yourself for a glorious future, explore the field and answer the question fully: ‘What are you going to do when you’re done studying?’

Then I would like to meet you all during the Health Business Week 2019.


See you there!

On behalf of the HBW-committee,

Femke Nouws

Chairman Health Business Week 2019