The Health Business Week gives students and health organizations the opportunity to connect with each other. This years the program is again very versatile. From healthcare insurers to healthcare organization and consulting / advisory companies to pharmaceutical companies, the possibilities are endless. And you can get in touch with all these companies to participate during the Health Business Week. During this week you put your first steps towards a succesfull career, by attending master classes and workshops, and by attending in-house days and speed interviews.

Attending company presentations, preparing for a speedinterview and endless hours of networking requires a lot of hard work. That’s why we want to reward you as a participant of the Health Business Week* for your efforts. On the website you need to register in advance for the activities you want to attend. If you have participated in all these activities for which you have registered** you will be rewarded with a giftcard of 7,50 euro***, **** at the end of the week. In this way participating in the Health Business Week almost costs you nothing!

* Only valid if you’re in possession of a SHARE ticket (10,00 euro) or an external ticket (12,50 euro).

** Participation is checked by the committee or the ambassadors on the basis of an attendance list. If you sign out for an activity or you’re not present for any reason this promotion does not apply.

*** Gift cards are provided after the Health Business Week due to administrational tasks.

**** No correspondence will be entered into in respect of the result.